Please note, this article assumes you have cPanel access - not all BigScoots services do. If you do not have cPanel, or if you have any trouble following this guide what so ever, please simply open a ticket and we'll be more than happy to create one for you.

  1.  Begin by logging into cPanel
  2. Next, we will want to create a subdomain for the development site to exist in your cPanel account.

  i. Go to Domains > Select Subdomains

  ii. Then create your new Subdomain

3. Next, install a fresh Wordpress on your newly created subdomain.

4. Once installed, go to Files > File Manager 

5. Compress the "wp-content" folder of your main site.

6. Then go to Files > Backup

7. Download a backup of your database.

8. Go to Files >  File Manager and Extract the wp-content folder to the new WP install.

9.  Go to Database >  Select PHPMyadmin 

10. Select Database >> Import >> choose DB backup >> Go

And here is your video walk through! :)

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