1. Login to your WordPress admin account. 

   2. First, you will need to install a plugin named WP Mail SMTP

   3. Once it is installed  and activated, go to Settings >> WP Mail SMTP

4. You can see several configuration options available as follows:

5. Under the Mailer section, select Other SMTP.

6. Then you will need to fill the following field.

From Email - The email address you want to send emails from.
From Name - The name that your emails will be sent from.
Return Path - If you want to match the return path for your emails to the sending email.
SMTP Host - The hostname for your SMTP server;
SMTP Port - The port your server works on.
Encryption - If you have SSL/TLS encryption available for the hostname, you can select this option.
Auto TLS - If your server supports TLS encryption, enable this option.
Authentication - Check if your SMTP server requires authentication.
Username - Username for your SMTP server.
Password -  Password for your SMTP server.

Note: If you are unsure with any the above settings, please be sure to reach out to our support team, we're always more than happy to help 😄

7. Once you have configured your SMTP settings, click Save Settings.

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