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WPO: Page-to-Page Redirect Examples
WPO: Page-to-Page Redirect Examples

A simple guide to add page-to-page redirects within the BigScoots WPO Portal.

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A "page-to-page redirect" refers to a process in web development where a user who tries to access a specific web page is automatically redirected to a different web page.

This helps in maintaining a seamless user experience and avoids "404 Page Not Found" errors.

In this example, we'll demonstrate the implementation of a redirect. If a user attempts to access "," they will be automatically redirected to ""

Step #1: Login to your WPO Portal and navigate to Site details > Redirects.

Step #2: Now you can add page-to-page redirects by following the same regex pattern as shown below:

adding /?$ to the end of /oldpage ensures that the page will redirect regardless if the URL is entered into the browser with or without the trailing slash.


What is a Regex pattern?
A regex pattern for redirects is a way to set rules that match and handle groups of similar URLs, allowing you to efficiently redirect pages.

Format for importing a .txt file of redirects

Use one line per entry, and follow the examples below.


Please note: If you have any questions or would simply rather we do this for you, please pop in a support ticket and we'd be more than happy to help!


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