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Create a new user in a Direct Admin Reseller Account
Create a new user in a Direct Admin Reseller Account

This article will show you how to create new user in your direct admin reseller account.

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Directadmin panel provides a simple interface to create new user under your reseller account. 

  1. Login to your Direct Admin Panel using https://serverip:4444

   2. Under Account Manager section select Add new user.

  3. Then enter the user name.

  4. Enter mail  id

 5. Type your preferred password for this user. If you want you can click Generate Random Password to create random password.

6. Enter the new user’s domain name, without the ‘www’ prefix.

7. Assign a package to the new user. Note: If you have not already created a package(s) for your Direct Admin service, you'll need to do this first.

8. Select an available IP address. At BigScoots this will be a dedicated IP address, reserved just for you and your clients. 

9. Once done, Submit.

That's it!

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