This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on creating additional administrator accounts using Directadmin panel. 

NOTE: Please note that this article is applicable only when you login as admin to your server. All additional administrator account will have the same authority as the original admin user. 

1. Login to Directadmin account.

2. Click Create Administrator option from Account Manager.

3. Enter the Username.

4. Enter E-mail address.

5. Enter Password.

6. Then click Create button.

7. Then you will get a message like this.

Thats it!!!

Additional Info:

Suspending Admins

To suspend an Admin, place a checkmark next to the Admin(s) you want to suspend and click the "Suspend/Unsuspend" button.  A suspended Admin cannot log into the control panel, create web sites, or access his/her own web site(s).  In addition, all web sites created by that Admin (through his/her Reseller panel) will also become suspended.
 Resellers created by the Admin will not become suspended.

Deleting Admins

To delete an Admin, place a checkmark next to the Admin(s) you want to delete and click the "Delete" button.  When you delete an Admin, you are deleting his/her Admin account, web site, and Users created by that Admin through his/her Reseller panel.
 Deleting an Admin will not delete the Resellers created by that Admin.

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