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WPO: Verify domain ownership for Google Search Console via DNS record
WPO: Verify domain ownership for Google Search Console via DNS record

How to add the 'google-site-verification' DNS record to verify domain ownership for Google Search Console using the WPO DNS tab

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For those adding their domain to Google Search Console:

Google will ask you to verify that you own the domain, the preferred method to do this is via a DNS record. While you may or may not know what a DNS record is, don't be scared, it's very easy to do if you follow this guide.

After you log into click the 'Site Details' link on the left-hand side menu.

Now select the domain from the list you are trying to verify with Google, in this example we will be using

On the next page, you will have a new horizontal menu, from the new menu, select the DNS tab.

Now you may feel a bit overwhelmed with what you are about to see on the next screen but pay no attention, only focus on the fields at the top:

From here, 3 things need to happen.

  1. Click the 'A' dropdown and change it to 'TXT'.

  2. Simply put in a '@' in the Name field(@ indicates your domain name)

  3. Use the 'COPY' button to copy the google-site-verification record from Google as shown below:

Once you are done filling in the fields, it will look similar to this:

Now click the Add Record button to the right.

You're just about there! The very last step, click the Verify button back on Google:

If all goes well, you should be greeted with a verified message:

If for some reason you don't, please watch a few minutes and try again, the DNS record we added can take several minutes to a couple of hours to update.

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