WPO: Manage Admin Users
What are they? How do you modify them?
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This article will provide some information and a step-by-step on how to modify your WPO Admin Users.

Admin Users

When you add your new domain into the BigScoots WPO panel, you will notice at no point were you asked to create a WordPress admin user. By default, we generate a random admin user automatically for you.

After you have successfully added your domain and chosen "Fresh Install" you can manage your admin users prior to logging into WordPress. Generally, you will want to create a new admin user so you can choose your desired Username as the one we generate is completely random. If you do choose to create a new admin user, we also advise you to then delete the original admin user we created since it will not be needed.

Below we will show you how to navigate to manage your WordPress admin users.
Log in to https://wpo.bigscoots.com/

  1. Select "Site Details" from the left-hand side.

2. Select your domain from the list.

3. Select "WordPress"
Here you can add, delete, or modify Admin users for your WPO account.
*Ensure you are modifying the correct Site*

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