WPO: Manage WordPress Admin Logins

An easy step-by-step guide for managing your WordPress Admin Users and logging into your WordPress account.

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How to Manage Admin Logins/Users:

When you add your new domain to the BigScoots WPO Portal we generate a random WordPress Admin User automatically for you. The same goes for when you migrate a site into one of our Managed WordPress Services.
After you have successfully migrated your site or added your domain and chosen "Fresh Install", you can then manage your admin users before logging into WordPress.
You will want to create a new admin user so you can choose your desired username as the one we generate is completely random. If you do choose to create a new admin user, we advise you to delete the original admin user we created as it will not be needed.

Below we will show you how to navigate to manage your WordPress Admin Logins within your BigScoots WPO portal.

Step #1:

Login to your WPO Portal and select "Site Details" from the left-hand side.

Step #2:

Select the website for which you would like to manage the admin users:

Step #3:

Select WordPress > Admin Users. Here you can add, delete, or modify Admin users for your WordPress account.


How to Login to WordPress Admin:

Now that you've created your WordPress Admin Logins, you can use the following steps to sign directly into your WordPress admin area.

Step #1:

You will see all the admin users listed for your website. With just a single click on the 'Login as user' button (green icon next to the user), you can instantly login to your wp-admin using that specific user.

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Please Note: If you'd prefer, you can log in to WordPress directly within your browser via https://yourdomain.com/wp-admin

For any additional questions, feel free to pop into our live chat anytime! We'd be happy to help.

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