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WPO: Site Addon

How do I add an additional website (addon)?

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In this article, we will discuss how to add an additional domain to your BigScoots plan. Creating an additional domain or Addon for your service is completed easily through the WPO Portal.

Remember, you must have first purchased the domain you wish to create a website for from a registrar. BigScoots provides registrar services, check our pricing!

1. Access your WPO Portal and click 'Add New Site' from the left menu.

2. This page provides a few different options to choose from.

A) You can choose to Request a New Plan. This will provide you with BigScoots plan options. Selecting one of these will provide you with a new resource-independent website.

You will then fill in the New Domain Name field.

B) You can choose to Add a new domain to an existing plan. The new domain will be added to an existing plan but will share the resources of the plan.
You will then fill in the New Domain Name field.

For Example: By selecting my WPO Starter I will be creating an addon domain under the account My new domain will share the same resources including disk space. But, it will still have its own backups and staging environment.

Once decided, you will then be prompted to select either a fresh WordPress install, request migration, staging site only, or clone an existing WordPress install.
Depending on which option you choose will determine the next steps.

A fresh WordPress install will simply install a new WordPress site with all default settings. A new canvas to work on.

Selecting Request Migration will bring you to the BigScoots Migration request form. This is for customers who wish to transfer their website from an old host to BigScoots.

Clone an existing WordPress install, this option will completely duplicate an existing site.

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