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WPO: Bulk Import Page-to-Page Redirects
WPO: Bulk Import Page-to-Page Redirects

This article will guide you on how to bulk import Redirects from a TXT file.

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We offer the convenience of adding bulk redirects directly from the WPO Portal.

This feature allows you to efficiently add multiple page-to-page redirects in one go, simplifying the process of maintaining website redirects.

Step #1: You will first need to create a TXT file on your local PC and use the following format to create redirects (one per line):


adding /?$ to the end of /oldpage ensures that the page will redirect regardless if the URL is entered into the browser with or without the trailing slash.

Step #2: Once all the redirects are added to the TXT file, save the file on your local PC.

Step #3: Login to your WPO portal and navigate to Site details > Redirects >Browse.

Step #4: Click the "Browse" button, choose the TXT file, and then click "Open."

WPO will initiate the import of redirects and notify you upon completion. Once imported, the redirects will be visible as shown in the screenshot below.

Additionally, you have the ability to export currently added redirects or perform bulk deletions using the options highlighted in purple in the screenshot above.

Please note: If you require any help with creating, importing, or deleting redirects, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always ready to assist you!

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