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How To: Access cPanel, WHM and Webmail
How To: Access cPanel, WHM and Webmail

An easy step-by-step guide for logging into cPanel, WHM and Webmail for Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated services.

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All Shared and Reseller Hosting accounts at BigScoots are configured with forced SSL redirects which means that when you visit cPanel, WHM or Webmail in your web browser, you’ll automatically be redirected to a secured SSL connected page.

Shared and Reseller

For all Shared and Reseller clients the fastest way to access cPanel is by visiting: and using your email and password entered during signup to login.

  • Once logged in, on the left-hand menu hover over “Services” and click the service you wish to log into.

  • On the next screen, underneath “Product/Service” click on the specific account.

  • Under Menu, select the option that says “Access Control Panel.”

  • Now simply select “Click here to access Control Panel” and you’re all set!

VPS, Hybrid and Dedicated

The below links/URLs are generic for all cPanel servers. If you are ever unsure of the port to use, you can simply add the respected service to the end of your URL like so:

Note: If your DNS (nameservers) have not yet been set or have very recently been changed due to a recent migration, you may replace “” in the above examples with your IP address provided to you in your welcome email.

For your reference, further explanation of ports and their usage is found below:

cPanel: (non-SSL)
​ (SSL encrypted)
 http://serverip:2082 (non-SSL)
 https://serverip:2083 (SSL encrypted)

WHM (Web Host Manager): (non-SSL)
​ (SSL encrypted)
 http://serverip:2086 (non-SSL)
 https://serverip:2087 (SSL encrypted)

Webmail: (non-SSL)
​ (SSL encrypted)
 http://serverip:2095 (non-SSL)
 https://serverip:2096 (SSL encrypted)

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