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Introducing BigScoots® Cache Plugin (Powered by Cloudflare) - The only page caching plugin you'll ever need!

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Introducing BigScoots® Cache Plugin (Powered by Cloudflare) - Compatible with user’s own Cloudflare Free/Pro/Business Accounts as well as our Cloudflare Enterprise-based Performance Package solution.

We are thrilled to unveil the BigScoots® Cache Plugin, designed to elevate your website's performance with superior page caching and optimization capabilities. This cutting-edge plugin has been crafted from scratch to deliver exceptional results by caching your web pages at the CDN edge level so that your web pages can be served to your potential users at lightning-fast speed.

What is the BigScoots cache plugin and why should you use it?

The BigScoots Cache plugin is a premium, user-friendly, and robust WordPress page caching tool, developed in-house at BigScoots led by Saumya Majumder, based on continuous feedback from our esteemed clients.

The plugin has been designed to ensure you can use it easily and effortlessly. The plugin gives you an easy way to clear cached content inside your WP Admin. On top of that, for most occasions, the plugin will automatically clear the cache for the necessary web pages without you needing to do anything. We will discuss this in more detail below.

One Click installation:

We recommend using the BigScoots cache plugin as the default caching option on BigScoots. While it may not be found in the WordPress plugin repository, you can easily install it with a single click from the WPO Dashboard. Simply navigate to WPO > Site Details > Cloudflare > Cache > Enable Page Caching.

Important Note: If you are using our WordPress Speed Optimization Services or have placed an order for it, there is no need for you to enable BigScoots Cache on your website. At the time of performing the service, we will install and set up the plugin on your website.

Features and Benefits of the BigScoots Caching Plugin

This plugin takes full advantage of the FREE Cloudflare Plan, meaning you can use it without requiring a paid Cloudflare account. However, if you want blazing-fast results and added performance using full page caching, you can upgrade to our WordPress Speed Optimization services.

BigScoots cache plugin offers top-notch caching performance and is fully equipped with the best features set, including:

  1. CDN Level Page Cache:
    The Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN) brings content geographically closer to your visitors to reduce page load and latency.

  2. Image Optimization & Next-gen Image Format Delivery:
    An image format that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. Your images will be automatically served in webp format.
    *Only images that will benefit from webp will be served in the format*
    #This feature is only available to our clients using our WordPress Speed Optimization services unless you have a Cloudflare Pro plan for your domain.

  3. Clearing Cache from WordPress admin side (wp-admin):

    The BigScoots plugin is configured to clear the cache automatically when posts are published or updated. This means you should see updates to your site as soon as changes are made.

    However, there are more cache-clearing options that our plugin offers. You can learn more about cache-clearing options here.

  4. Cache Behaviour:

    The capability to choose and personalize what you want to cache and what you don’t.

When cache is automatically cleared by BigScoots Cache?

So, for most WordPress Admin activities like publishing new content or updating existing content inside pages, posts, custom post types or moderating, and replying to comments the BigScoots Cache will automatically clear the cache for the required pages. So, you don't have to do anything. You simply add or modify content and BigScoots Cache will take care of the rest. This will work even if you schedule a post to be published on a future date.

When do you need to manually clear the cache from BigScoots Cache?

For situations, like theme settings, plugin settings, modifying theme/plugin code, etc. the plugin cannot identify with 100% certainty that exactly what you did. This is because, with the vast WordPress ecosystem, everyone does things differently. Different themes have different theme settings pages, different plugins have different plugin settings pages.

Due to this, the plugin cannot clear the cache automatically. This is why it is always recommended to use the "Clear Cache for Entire Site" option after you have made such modifications on your website.

You can either clear the cache from the top admin bar:

Or you can choose the Clear Cache option from the BigScoots Cache plugin settings page:

That being said, we highly recommend you read the BigScoots Cache Clearing Options article so that you are fully aware of the different cache-clearing options that the plugin provides. This will help you to choose the right option when you want to manually clear the cache for something specific or for the whole website.​

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