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Our newly tailored plugin for Cloudflare Enterprise Tier I & II customers!

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We are thrilled to announce our new BigScoots® Cache (Powered by Cloudflare) for Cloudflare Enterprise Tier I & II customers. This plugin has been built from the ground up to provide superior caching and optimization. Please read over this knowledge base article for more information.

Plugin Development

The BigScoots Cache plugin was developed in partnership with Saumya Majumder and Salvatore Fresta. Both developers have worked on the highly successful WP Super Page Cache plugin. Our plugin borrows the innovative framework and features to provide a user-friendly interface.


Cloudflare Cache
Our plugin provides caching from two sources, fall-back disk caching and the Cloudflare CDN.

Fallback-Cache is an option to generate static HTML versions of the webpages inside your site. This is a great option and can increase your site speed dramatically. The way Cloudflare works is that it will only cache a page to its global CDN network if it has received any request for those pages. So, if you don't have fallback-cache, for the first few requests, your server will be executing the pages and sending the HTML to the user, which increases slowness and latency.

The Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN) brings content geographically closer to your visitors to reduce page load and latency. This means that files cached at the CDN will served from the closest Cloudflare datacenter to the user, thus increasing the speed in which your site is served.


An image format that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. Your images will be automatically served in webp format.
*Only images that will benefit from webp will be served in the format*

Cloudflare Network

Utilizing Cloudflares expansive network allows you to serve your content closer to your customers or audience.

Clearing Cache from WordPress admin side (wp-admin)

Our plugin allows Cloudflare cache to be cleared from wp-admin by four different methods.

1) Automatic clear cache setting - The BigScoots plugin is configured to clear cache automatically when posts are published. This means you should see updates to your site as soon changes are made.

2) Purge whole cache - This option will purge all the HTML pages that are cached by Cloudflare but will not purge any static files.
You can check which HTML pages are currently cached by clicking Show cached HTML pages list.

3) Force purge everything - This option will purge everything currently being cached by Cloudflare. This includes any static files, javascripts, css, images.

4) Purge cache for this page only - This option is only available when modifying individual posts or pages. This will purge the cache for that individual page or post.

Should I keep my other optimization and caching plugins?

Yes, the BigScoots Cache plugin will work in harmony with WP-Rocket. Our plugin will be used for page and image caching as well as serving WebP images. WP-Rocket is still important as it performs CSS and JavaScript optimization.


Yes, we continue to utilize Autoptimize for its Javascript and CSS optimization. This is a good free substitute for WP-Rocket.

Fast Velocity Minify
Yes, as this is another plugin that helps optimize JavaScript and CSS.

Async JavaScript

Cache Enabler, WP Super Cache and WP Fastest Cache

No, the support for these plugin was removed because you can use the fallback cache option of this plugin if you want to use a standard page cache behind Cloudflare.

In order to avoid conflicts, it is strongly recommended to use only this plugin as page caching system


No, this plugin will no longer be needed as Cloudflare optimizes images and will serve them in webp format if it is beneficial.

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