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Configuring email on an Apple Mac Mail
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If you are hosting your email with BigScoots and want to configure email on Mac Mail, this article is going to be useful for you.


1 - Access WPO Email

2 - Select your domain from the Dashboard if not already selected.

3 - Check for your specific email account and proceed to the client setup button on the right. This is going to show you your email settings.

4 - You will be seeing a pop-up with your specific email settings, which is by default for both incoming and outgoing email server and with the below port specifications

IMAP - Port 993

POP3 - Port 995

SMTP - Port 587

5 - Once we have this information, Open you Mac mail client, On the top Menu bar, Select accounts, which will show you your internet accounts if any are there and then select Add another account and select other mail account.

6 - In the coming pop-up , fill your details including your friendly name, email address and password.

You may get a screen like the below, in that case, please proceed to the next step.

8 - Please fill in the details we have obtained from Step 4 , Please provide the email address as your username.

9 - Click done on the next screen and Viola! You email has been configured on your Mac mail.

10 - Once you are done. Go to Menu bar on top and click on Mail --> Preferences

Make sure that "Automatically manage connection settings" is unticked and port is port numbers are set accordingly to 993 or 995 (IMAP or POP3) and 587 respectively as below.

Please feel free to open a ticket with us if you have any queries.

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