Add Collaborators to your WPO Account
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To add collaborators to your WPO account, you can follow these steps:

Please ensure you are logged first into the WPO Portal via this link:

1. From the WPO Dashboard you would click on Collaborators:

2. Click the "Add" button from the top right.

3. Enter email address for whom you'd wish to invite..

4. Select either you want to allow access to all domains or specific.

6. Choose access level you want to grant to collaborator account.

Please note that this access level will be applied to the domains you have chosen to give access in step 4. You can also choose more than one option if not 'Full Access'.

Full Access: Provides access to all details which means live, staging, support tickets and new WordPress installation and migration details.

Live Details: Provides access to live details only.

Staging Details: Provides access to staging details only.

New WP Installation or Migration Requests: Allow access to add new WordPress sites and Request Migrations.

All Support Tickets: Provides access to support tickets only.
Read Only Permissions: Provides access to just view details but not make any changes.

7. Click "Create" Button.

Accepting Collaboration Request

  • Invitation email will be sent from BigScoots to the email address of the collaborator you added.

  • From the email, they need to click "Create Account" button which will redirect them to WPO for the process of their account signup.

  • Fill the form and click "Get Started"

  • They will be seeing a request of Collaboration with a button for accepting.

  • Once accepted, they will be able to collaborate into your account by clicking this icon.

Removing Collaborators

  1. From the WPO Dashboard you would click on Collaborators:

2. Click "Delete" icon for the account you want to remove access.

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