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How to get started with your WPO email service

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In order to start using BigScoots for your email you will need to be sure of the following.

  1. Your domain name is added into your WPO dashboard which you can view using this link:

  2. You have access to your domains DNS records which in most cases are already available to you in the WPO dashboard under your domain.

  3. Be aware that when you change your domains MX Record your email service will stop working with whomever it was with previously, your emails will now come to BigScoots only.

  • To start off, log into

  • Now click the Email tab on the left hand side

  • Next step is very simple, click Activate ensuring you are activating email for the domain you are inquiring about.

  • The process to setup your email service has begun...

  • You can now start creating emails accounts, however based on the Email Status you will more than likely require additional changes.

  • From this point you will need to update your domains MX record.

    • Update your domains MX record to ''

      • This can be accomplished in the DNS Records tab unless your DNS is hosted elsewhere.

      • If you need assistance doing so please open a ticket

  • Once your MX record is updated properly, your emails will start coming to your BigScoots email and you should see a Active stats as shown below

Your email service is now active, you will be able to successfully receive emails to your email accounts.

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