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If you want to have the best chance of ensuring your emails reach your recipients inbox and not end up in spam then you need to add verification for your domain. The verification will help the receiving mail server check to ensure your mails are allowed to send from our server.

This article assumes your email service is already active and you have at least one email account created within

This article also assumes that your domains DNS is controlled by BigScoots and in most cases will be, otherwise you will need to apply the changes to your current DNS service instead.

Let's get started...

  1. Browse to or click the Email menu on the left hand side within the WPO dashboard

  2. From here, open up a second window so you can easily copy and paste the necessary DNS records without losing your place

  3. Inside Tab 1. click the Verification option next to your email account.

  4. You will now see a popup with 2 sections, DKIM and SPF. Each section has a unique DNS records that you need to add into the DNS section of your domain in Tab 2. In Tab 2. please click your domain from the Site Details page, then click the DNS tab.

  5. The results on the next screen will greatly vary as domains may have many different DNS records. We will keep it simple for this article but if you have any confusion please reach out to support via ticket.

  6. From this list of DNS records, we need to add 2 TXT records. The TXT record type is available from the dropdown:


  7. Back in Tab 1. click the Copy button for the DKIM record

  8. Paste that into the Domain field back in tab 2.

  9. Repeat the same copy and paste for the Value in tab 1 and paste it into the Value in tab 2.

  10. Make sure to leave the Status cloud grey and click +Add Record

  11. You have now successfully added one of the two DNS verification records. Please go on and repeat the same steps however this time around copy and paste the Name and Value records for the SPF record. Once done you will now see the 2 records added to your DNS list and greatly increase your chances of your emails avoiding the spam box!

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