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Enable 2FA on BigScoots Portal and WPO
Enable 2FA on BigScoots Portal and WPO
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To get started, this article helps you to enable 2FA ( Two Factor Authentication ) on your BigScoots billing and support portal and your BigScoots WPO Dashboard.

2FA is a second layer of security on top of traditional account logins. 2FA requires a third piece of information that is only within reach of the account holder. This piece of information is a software distributed code by Google that creates a temporary token or a key that will expire every 30 seconds. So, any time you would like to log into your account, you have to in addition to entering your username and password, also enter a newly generated code that would be available only to you through your mobile Google authenticator app.

Apart from Google authenticator, BigScoots provides you options for a text message or an email to the registered phone number/email address respectively for our WPO Dashboard 2FA login.

To enable 2FA on your BigScoots portal

1 - Please make sure you are logged into your BigScoots accounts with the registered email address and password.

You will be seeing the below URL in your address bar

2- Once you are logged in, navigate to the Security tab on the left side pane and select the Multi-Factor auth

3- Click Activate and scan the QR code with the app you prefer. Please make sure that you save the backup codes in a secure location in case you do not have access to the device you used to set up 2FA later at some point.

To enable 2FA on BigScoots WPO Dashboard

1 - Make sure you are logged into your WPO Dashboard. You should be seeing the below URL on your address bar

2 - Click on the edit profile & security option next to your profile picture in the Dashboard and then select the password & security tab.

3 - Click on Enable Two Factor Authentication. You can use google authenticator / SMS / email verification. You can scan the QR code from the next screen if you are using Google authenticator. If you opt for SMS/email verification, a 6-digit code is sent to your phone number/email address in our file, please provide the code to enable 2FA.

That's it. You are all set and protected.

Feel free to reach out to our live chat anytime if you face any issues setting up 2FA.

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