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Configuring your WordPress site to use an SMTP plugin
Configuring your WordPress site to use an SMTP plugin
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Today we're going to show you how to configure your site to use an SMTP plugin rather than sending email via PHP mail(), it will essentially authenticate your site which helps email reach your destination.

First login to your WordPress admin site, for us in this article is for your site, replace with your domain name.

We then want to head over to the plugins section of WordPress and install this plugin:

After installing go to your Plugins main page rather than going through the wizard click on "Settings"

When you are in the settings section, ensure you set the email to the one you want your blog to send from, we usually suggest using a professional email, for us we're using

Then move down to the section for selecting email provider, if you're using your SMTP service with us via WPO then select "Other SMTP"

Then move down to the other SMTP settings after clicking on "Other SMTP" and ensure they look similar to below, the only things that will change is your SMTP username and password, which can all be found in WPO Email

If you need to find your WPO Email settings you can do so by clicking on "Client Setup" on the email you've created.

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