Add DMARC Record

How to add DMARC record using WPO

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STEP 1: Check Your DMARC Status

  • Enter your domain name and click the button with text 'DMARC Lookup'.

    It is safe to ignore the 'DMARC Policy Not Enabled' warning.

  • If the results return GREEN, you are all good and no further steps have to be followed from this article.

  • If the results return RED and say no DMARC record, please follow the steps below.

    STEP 2: Add DMARC in WPO

  • Please login your account in WPO Portal.

  • Click 'Site Details' tab from the menu on the left.

  • Click the domain name for which you want to add the DMARC record.

  • Navigate to DNS tab.

  • Click the dropdown saying 'Select DNS Templates' and then click DMARC.

  • Click the green button 'Yes Proceed'.

  • At this point, DMARC record is added to your domain. Please repeat STEP 1 from this guide to confirm the status of DMARC now.

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