Fine-tuning your Cloudflare Enterprise settings

Depending on your website requirement, now you can easily fine-tune your Cloudflare Enterprise settings

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Each website is different and so are the needs and requirements of each site. Therefore, it’s not surprising that our team has received client requests for control access to Cloudflare Enterprise settings so that clients can individually modify and optimize the WordPress Speed Optimization services included with their Cloudflare Enterprise account.

We are excited to announce that this functionality is now available via our WPO portal.

Simply log into your BigScoots WPO portal, and select the domain that is using WordPress Speed Optimization and Security services. Then go to the "Cloudflare" tab and head over to the "Enterprise Settings" page where you will be able to modify many aspects of your Cloudflare Enterprise service.

Here's a brief list of things that you can do on this page:

Cache Settings

  • CDN Page Caching — This setting gives you the ability to disable page caching for your website, while static files (i.e. CSS, JS, Images, etc.) are still being optimized and served via Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

  • Cache By Device Type — This setting ensures that your web pages are cached separately for each device type (if your website uses a theme that shows a different design template based on the user’s device type).

  • Cache By Country — This setting caches your site’s content separately for each country if your website shows unique content based on a visitor’s country.

  • Ignore Marketing Query Params — This setting improves the Cache HIT ratio of your website by ignoring common marketing query parameters in URLs that send visitors to your site.

Minification Settings

  • HTML Minification — This setting removes unnecessary characters from HTML files, such as comments and extra spaces, to reduce the HTML file size and increase page load speed.

  • CSS Minification — This setting eliminates all non-essential characters and white spaces from the stylesheets setting to improve load times by shrinking CSS files and ensuring faster style application and rendering of web pages without changing the styling effect.

  • JS Minification — This setting discards all surplus characters, such as comments and white spaces, optimizing JavaScript files to enhance the execution and load speed of scripts on your website.

Speed Optimization Settings

  • Font Optimization — This setting improves your website's speed and lowers the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). By serving Google Fonts from the nearest CDN server, your website experiences the quickest loading times.

  • Smart Image Loading — This setting adjusts image sizes for optimal viewing on different devices and connections, enhancing site speed and delivering a smoother mobile experience.

  • Image Optimization — This setting allows you to select what type of image optimization you prefer on your website or if you prefer to disable it.

  • Early Hints — This setting allows you to turn off Early Hints on your website if you require it.

  • Rocket Loader — This setting allows you to use Cloudflare Delay JavaScript functionality (called Rocket Loader) on your website if required.

Security Settings

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) — This setting allows you to turn off your website WAF if required.

  • Protect WordPress Login Pages — This setting protects your WordPress login page URLs from bots and bad actors by validating that visitors are real Humans before being redirected to the login pages

  • Block Requests from AI Crawler Bots — This setting allows you to block requests from AI crawler bots.

  • Block Requests from Aggregator Bots — This setting allows you to block requests from aggregator bots.

  • Block Requests from Page Preview Bots — This setting allows you to block requests from page preview bots.

  • Block Requests from Feed Fetcher Bots — This setting allows you to block requests from feed fetcher bots.

  • Email Obfuscation — This setting allows you to add Cloudflare email obfuscation script to your website if required.

  • Security Level — This setting allows you to set the default security level of your website.

  • Under Attack Mode — This setting allows you to protect your website from heavy DDoS attacks if you feel that your website is being targeted.

We are constantly working on adding new features and options to this settings page.

Still not sure how to use it? Take a look at the video walkthrough.

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