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Learn how to set up an additional layer of security for your WordPress admin page.

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Our WPO Portal allows you to add a security layer before users can access the WordPress login page. This significantly enhances the security of your WordPress admin area, making it much harder for attackers to gain unauthorized access to your website's wp-admin area.

This is achieved through a pop-up lock mechanism that prompts users for a username and password before granting access to the wp-admin area. Only admin users with the correct credentials can bypass the pop-up.

How to Implement Page Lock on Your WordPress Admin:

Step #1:

Login to your WPO Portal, select "My Site" from the left-hand side, and click on the website for which you would like to add Admin Page Lock.

Step #2:

Navigate to > Security > WP Admin Page Lock and toggle on the WP Admin Page Lock.

Step #3:

From there, you can create new WordPress Admin Page Lock users.

The Page Lock is now in place. Only users with these credentials will be able to access the wp-admin URL of your website.

When you visit the wp-admin URL of your website (yourdomain.com/wp-admin), you will now see a prompt asking for these credentials.

Once you enter the credentials, you will be taken to the WordPress admin login page where you can use your WordPress admin user credentials to access the admin side.

For any additional questions, feel free to pop into our live chat anytime! We'd be happy to help.

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