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How to delete a user in WordPress
How to delete a user in WordPress
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In this article well walk you through the quick and easy steps of removing a user from WordPress.  I'm a little disappointed at my brother in the lack of posts so well be using him in our example today. Sorry, James!

  • Start out by logging into WordPress using a username that has admin access.

  • Once logged in, well go ahead and hover over the Users menu on the left-hand side and click "All Users".

Next, in the list of users, you can either hover over the name of the user you want to delete and click the 'delete' option that appears:


If you want to delete multiple users, you can place a checkmark next to each one, and using the drop-down at the bottom, select Delete and lastly click Apply.

  • Please pay attention to this next step as deleting a user means ALL their posts will go bye-bye along with them, however, WordPress will give you the option of either deleting the posts or reassigning them to a new user:

Now any posts that James has done, will now be reassigned and I will be the new author.

Go delete some users! only if they deserve it.

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