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Import and Export E-mails in Webmail

Please note that only Horde Email client allows the import and export of email

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Open Webmail via cPanel:

1.  Login to the cPanel account

2. Click the “Email Accounts” button.

3.  Find the email address that you would like to export emails for. Then click the “More” button and then find and click “Access Webmail.”

4. You should select ‘Horde’ when the choice of a Webmail client application appears.

Exporting emails:

1. Right click on ‘Inbox’ and select ‘Export’ from the list.

2. You will see a popup with export options. You can simply click ‘OK’ to get the exported emails in MBOX format.

Importing emails:

1. Right click on the folder you wish to upload the emails and then select Import.

2. Then select the backup file in Mbox or .eml formats and click "OK".

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