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cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM)
cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM)

Basic, intermediate and advanced tools, tips and guides for cPanel/WHM

Setup SSL (https://) on cPanel for your WordPress Site
cPanel Jetbackup restoration
How to issue a LetsEncrypt SSL from inside cPanel
cPanel - FTP Details
How To: Find cPanel / WHM Logins
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HOWTO: Change Wordpress admin Username
Transfer email accounts between cPanel accounts
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Convert an addon domain to a cPanel account manually (shared / reseller)
How to change PHP max execution time in cPanel (Shared / Reseller accounts)
Find out which BigScoots server you're on, for shared or reseller.
How to switch between PHP versions
Adding a DNS TXT record using cPanel
Password protecting WordPress using cPanel and .htaccess
Enable or Disable statistics(Awstats, Webalizer, Analog) from cPanel
Changing Language from cPanel
Editing Files from File Manager- cPanel
How To Add Email Filters Using Cpanel
Changing permissions for files and directories within cPanel
Increasing PHP memory limit
HOWTO: Create Global Email Filters in Cpanel
Exclude an IP address from AWStats statistics
How to Reset a WordPress Admin Password Inside cPanel
How to configure auto responders in cPanel
Advanced DNS Zone Editor – cPanel
Changing cPanel Styles
Repair MySQL database from cPanel
Index Manager in cPanel
Changing the file upload size in cPanel
Identify Website Visitors- cPanel
How to perform a full cPanel account backup
Disable magic_quotes_gpc from cPanel
Scanning your site for malware / viruses in cPanel
How to Generate a Full cPanel Backup
Check Bandwidth usage from cPanel
Enabling raw access log in cPanel
CPU and Connection Usage from cPanel
Headers and client library minor version mismatch
Enabling GZIP compression on your website from cPanel
Creating Cron Job From cPanel
Convert Image from cPanel
Steps to configure custom MIME types in cPanel
Resource limitation information in cPanel
Install WHMCS from Softaculous
Find Disk Usage from cPanel
Setup Directory Privacy from cPanel
How to create a subdomain in cPanel servers
How to create Domain Aliases from cPanel
How to create Addon Domains in cPanel
Enable SpamAssassin in cPanel (Email Filtering)
Import WordPress Website from remote server using Softaculous
Let’s Encrypt – How it works?
Default Address/ Catchall
Allow MySQL Database Remote Access from cPanel
cPanel EasyApache 4 Installing Redis and Redis PHP extension
Add MySQL Database from cPanel
FTP Sessions from cPanel
Block an IP address from accessing your website – cPanel
Changing the Document Root for Addon Domains from cPanel
Resetting WordPress admin password from cPanel