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HOWTO: Create Global Email Filters in Cpanel
HOWTO: Create Global Email Filters in Cpanel

This article will help you to create rules for all email accounts under your cPanel.

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Cpanel email filters allow you to organise and control the mails arriving on to the domain. There are two built in options from Cpanel - The global email filters and the user level email filters

Email filters use the criteria that you specify to determine how to handle email messages. Emails can be discarded, redirected to another email address, or filed to a folder, or more.

1. Login to cPanel account.

2. click on "Global Email Filters" Icon in the "Email" section.

3. Then click "Create a new Filter".

4. Enter the filter's name in the Filter Name text box.

5. Configure your filter's rules and actions.

6. Once it is done, click Create button.

Hope this helps!

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