The popularity of Wordpress has made the admin login a vulnerable and more prone to attacks. Along with updating the admin url, it is one of the highly recommended option to change the admin user. 

We are going to describe the common methods used to change the Wordpress admin username.

Option1: Using Cpanel

1. Login to cPanel.

2. Under the Databases section, click on the phpMyAdmin icon.

3. Select the WP Database from the left menu.

4. Once you selected your Database, find the prefix_users  table.

5. Select the user name that you want to change, and click Edit button.

6. Locate the user_login section and replace current username with the new one. Once done, clock Go.

Option 2: Using Wordpress Admin login

  1. Login to your Wordpress Admin panel using admin login

  2. Create A new user with administrator privileges

  3. Logout the admin user login.

  4. Login as the new user

  5. Delete the admin user login.

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