The following plugin makes it very easy for you to migrate your website to a new location, all that is necessary is that you have a fresh wordpress install waiting at the destination location.

We only need FTP login details of the destination website. If the website is password protected, we need that login too.

Please follow the below steps:

Step 1. Login to the wordpress dashboard of the source website
Step 2. Install the plugin "Migrate Guru"

Plugins >> Add new

Search the plugin "Migrate Guru" and install it

Step 3. Open the plugin

Step 4. Enter your Email Address and agree the Terms and Conditions. Click 'Migrate Site'

Step 5. You will be redirected to a new screen to select the remote host. There, you can see many hosting provides. You will have to select 'FTP' (You can select other hosts too if you know the login details)

Step 6. Enter the FTP login details

  • Destination Site URL: name of the destination website

  • FTP Type: Choose FTPS

  • Directory Path: the path where the files reside

Step 7. (optional) if the source/destination website is password protected, we have to enter that too

Step 8. Click on "Migrate" button

The data transfer started now and it takes some time to complete. We can see the status of the migration so, do not close the window until it's done.


Please watch this video tutorial for better idea

That's all!

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