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Locating, creating new and editing FTP details for managed WP hosting

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This article will discuss accessing FTP details as well as creating and editing FTP account information for any client using our Managed WordPress Services

If you are a managed cPanel client, please see our guide on finding your FTP Details here.

If you need help on how to use FTP, please see our How to Use FTP article.

Accessing FTP Details:

  1. Login to the WPO Portal.

  2. Navigate to the Sites tab on the left-hand menu.

   3. Select the domain you are working on.

   4. Locate the FTP Details section for your FTP connection and login credentials.

Editing and Creating New FTP Accounts:

  1. Within your FTP Details area for a particular site, you will find all of your FTP accounts listed.

  Tip: Click the username or password to copy!

  2. The edit symbol will allow you to change your FTP user and/or password, select            save to confirm or cancel to discard your changes.

   3. Create a new FTP account by entering a Username and strong Password, then             selecting "Create FTP Account."

If you're looking for more information about our managed WPO portal, please take a peak at our blog post that is regularly updated as we roll out new WPO features! 😄

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