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How to use FTP

How to connect to and use FTP to upload or edit files and folders

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What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is the primary method by which we upload and download files to a server or web hosting account. You can connect to the ftp server using any ftp client, however here we will focus on one of the more popular (and our preferred) FTP clients, FileZilla FTP.

FTP Login

Locating your FTP details will vary based on your BigScoots service. Please check the below guides.

Install FTP Client - FileZilla

Note: Our preference is FileZilla, but the process is similar for any FTP client.

  1. Go to the FileZilla Client download page and select your operating system:

  2. A popup will appear, select the "Download" option under the basic "FileZilla" edition.

  3. Once complete, you may open the installation file and proceed through the installation steps.

Connect to FTP

FileZilla offers two methods of connecting, although we suggest using the Site Manager as this will save the FTP connection details.

  1. Open the FileZilla Client.

  2. Select the icon in the top left hand corner to open the 'Site Manager' menu.

  3. Select 'New Site' and name your FTP connection (ex.

  4. The Host, Protocol, Port, Username and Password. If you do not have your FTP login, please check FTP Login above.

  5. For 'Logon Type' select Normal.

Uploading to FTP

  1. Once you are connected you can see the local files on left side of the FileZilla and the remote server (your website account) on the right hand side.

  2. If you are attempting to upload files to update your primary website, it is common to upload them to the public_html or public folder.

  3. Simply drag and drop files from the left (your local computer) or anywhere on your computer, to the right (your website).

  4. A status box at the bottom of your FileZilla client will provide you with your upload status of each individual file.

Having Issues Connecting or Uploading?

As always, if there are any issues what so ever or you run into any trouble along the road please never hesitate to reach out to BigScoots for assistance. Weโ€™re here around the clock and always looking to help in every way we can. ๐Ÿ˜„

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