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Google Recaptcha - Invalid domain for site key
Google Recaptcha - Invalid domain for site key

How to fix Invalid domain for site key when using Google Recaptcha

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This article is being created with our WPO customers in mind who have issues with Google Recaptcha on their staging site however it can be applied for just about any site that is using Google Recaptcha.

If you are using Google Recaptcha on your live site and create a staging site, your URL will change in which when you go to log into your staging site, you might now notice the inability to login due to:

Have no fear! There is an easy fix for this.

After logging in, if you have more than one domain using Recaptcha you may need to select it from the dropdown box at the top:

After selecting the correct domain, on the right side, click the cogwheel:

Now scroll down to the Domains section, you should already see your live domain under this list and have the ability to add a new domain, which you would enter in the full URL of your staging site, example:

Now click the + sign to apply this, and finally scroll down and click Save.

If you now go back to your staging site and refresh, you will see you can now once again log into your WordPress admin panel!

If you are still having problems please feel free to click the live chat icon over to the right side and well be more than happy to assist you further! -------------------------->

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