For Shared and Reseller customers you can easily swap between PHP versions as often as you'd like from within cPanel by taking the following steps:

  • Log into your cPanel account
  • Under the “Software / Services” section, click on “Select PHP version
  • The very first option will say “Current PHP version” which will show you the current running version of PHP. Below that is a drop down box, you can select the PHP version here and simply click “Set as current” when done.

For VPS and Dedicated customers:

The same steps will apply for you only if you opted in for CloudLinux. Cloudlinux is a software add-on which provides among other benefits the ability to freely swap between PHP versions as outlined above in our Shared and Reseller walk through. If you have not opted in for CloudLinux it is still possible to adjust your PHP version but typically only recommended if you are upgrading versions. 

Downgrading is still possible, but please contact us first and we'll be happy to dig into it for you. 

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