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How to perform a full cPanel account backup
How to perform a full cPanel account backup
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To perform a full cPanel account backup, the process is the same whether you are a shared, reseller, vps or dedicated customer. They are all taken by first logging into cPanel.

Once you have logged into cPanel, you will perform the following steps:

  • Select “Backup Wizard” icon under the Files section.

  • Click the “Backup” button towards the left side.

  • Click the “Full Backup” button.

The next screen will provide you a few options, by default (Home Directory) you can store the backup within your account and download it after it has completed. You will want to make sure to enter in a working email address into the “Email Address” field, this will let you know once the backup has completed.

  • Click “Generate Backup

As soon as the backup has completed, you can now download the backup for safe keeping, you can restore the entire account (shared/reseller will need to open a ticket to do so), you can use it to migrate the account else where, and extract the backup to retrieve specific data. The full backup contains ALL data relevant to your account which includes databases, site files, email, DNS zone files, mail forwarders, and much more.

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