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How to register your Name Servers (DNS) on Godaddy
How to register your Name Servers (DNS) on Godaddy
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This article will walk you through with a step-by-step guide of how to register your nameservers on GoDaddy. Registering your nameservers is a process used when you are wanting to utilize a set of your own custom nameservers, i.e. “ and”

Step 1: Log into your GoDaddy account. Once logged into your dashboard select “Manage” in the domain section.

Step 2: For the domain you’re wanting to register nameservers (DNS) for, select the wheel icon in the top right, followed by selecting “Manage DNS” from the box that appears.


Step 3: Select “Settings” from the tabs above followed by selecting “Manage” under Host Names.

Step 4: In the host name field enter “ns1” followed by the IP address your website is associated with here at BigScoots (this IP is available within your BigScoots dashboard). Select “Add” to complete registering the hostname “” Select “Add Hostname” and repeat the process with “ns2” and the same IP address. It is not necessary to use more than one IP address for your nameservers as they are both hosted in this case on the same system.

Step 5: Select “Save” and you’re done!

Note: Remember that when you update anything to do with DNS there is always a delay. Please allow up to 5 minutes for GoDaddy’s system to reflect the registration before adjusting your nameservers. Check out Changing your Name Servers (DNS) on Godaddy for a detailed guide on how to adjust your nameservers with GoDaddy.

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