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Configuring your mail client
Configuring your mail client
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You can send and receive emails with your domain from any desktop or mobile email client. cPanel provides you preconfigured settings for this. You can manually configure the email clients for sending and receiving emails for your email client using the setting given under your cPanel. This article will guide you on how to obtain the setting from cPanel.

1. Login to your cPanel
2. Click on Email Accounts under the Email section

3. Once you are inside the Email Accounts option, scroll down to see the list of Email accounts that exist on your domain.

4. Click on Set up Mail client corresponding to your email address.

5. With the Auto Configuration Scripts, you just need to download the settings and run it, then it will automatically configure the email client. You may need to enter your email account password.

6. If you want to configure your mail client manually, you can scroll down to see the Manual Settings.

Configure this in your mail client are you are ready to send mails using your mail client.

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