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How to Generate a Full cPanel Backup
How to Generate a Full cPanel Backup
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This article will guide you on how to take a backup of your website from cPanel.

1. Login to your cPanel from client area.

2. Under the Files section you can find Backup Wizard, click on that

3. Click Backup

4. Click Full Backup

5. The next screen allows you to select from multiple destinations on where you want the backup to go.  For this article, we will have it create the backup inside your account so you can download it via FTP or File Manager. You will choose Home Directory from the dropdown.
You can also enter in an email address where it will send a notification once the backup is completed.
Click Generate Backup

6. Once you get notification of the completed backup, select File Manager in cPanel and click the Home icon using the folder tree to the left.  Lastly, right click the backup and select Download.


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