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Track Email Delivery from cPanel
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This article will guide you on how to track your email delivery. The Email Trace option in cPanel is used to see delivery reports of emails. It shows the errors, while sending your email. You can also see spam scores of your emails. You can also check the emails delivery route to help you identify any problems in the delivery attempt.

1. Login to cPanel

2. Under the Mail section select Email Trace

3. You can see a table of email sending events. It contains Sender, Sent Time, Spam Score, Recipient, Result & Actions. With Actions you can see the details of the email report.

4. If you want to filter the table for a single recipient email, you can enter the recipient’s email in Recipient Email (optional) section, and then click Show All button to show the email related to the specific recipient. To view all emails again, remove the email from Recipient Email and Click Show All, it will again show all the records.

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