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Allow MySQL Database Remote Access from cPanel
Allow MySQL Database Remote Access from cPanel
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  1. We do not open the MySQL port by default to everyone, the steps performed here will need to be done plus a ticket will be required to allow the remote access to the IP connecting to the MySQL server.

  2. We do not allow shared / reseller MySQL servers to be used as a remote MySQL server, the usage has to be strictly for database maintenance/testing purposes, any excessive usage will cause access to be revoked.

Please follow the steps below to configure remote MySQL access.

  1. Log into cPanel

  2. Under the Databases section click on Remote MySQL

2. Add the remote locations IP and/or hostname. This will be the IP/hostname of the client connecting to the MySQL server.  Its usually best to add both the IP and the hostname to prevent MySQL blocking access.

3. Click Add Host

4. Once completed, you will receive confirmation that the host was successfully added.

* It is highly advised NOT to add % as a host as this means ALL hosts are allowed to make connection attempts.  In order for BigScoots to allow the connection through the firewall, an IP address is needed.

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