Create an Email Address from cPanel
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This article will guide you on how to create and manage email accounts of your cPanel. You can Create email address, configure your mail client, change your passwords and access your webmail directly from cPanel.

1. Click on Email Accounts option under the Email section from your cPanel Home page

2. You will find Add Email Account on the top under the Email Accounts option.

3. Type the email name you want to create, the domain can be selected from the drop down if you have subdomains or addon domains under the cPanel.

4. Type the password which you wish to set for the email account and set a Quota for the mail account. Quota defines how much disk space this account can use. You can provide specific amount of space in MB or you can provide an unlimited quota for this.

5. Click on Create Account and your Email address associated with your domain will be created.

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