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Setup Directory Privacy from cPanel
Setup Directory Privacy from cPanel
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This feature of cPanel allows you to protect certain directories with a username and password. If the directory is protected by password, then if somebody tries to access the file, they will be prompted to provide a username and password, if username of password does not match, then the user will not be able to see the content of that directory.

1. Open Directory Privacy in the Files Section from cPanel home

2. Navigate within your directories to find the directory you want to protect.

3. Select the directory you want to protect by clicking on the name of the folder

4. Select “Password protect for this directory” checkbox and enter the name which you want to display, click Save

5. You will need to create users. Enter username and password to create a new user and click on save. This user will be able to access the password protected directory.

6. Now when you try to access your password protected directory, you will get a prompt to enter the username and password.

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