Adding MX Entry- cPanel
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The MX Entry in cPanel allows to route all your emails to a specific server. Changes you make here also get reflected in the domain’s DNS entries. You can use Google Apps to manage your emails by adding the MX entries for the Google mail servers under the MX entry.

1. Open MX Entries by clicking MX Entry option from Email Section from cPanel home.

2. Select the domain for which you want to configure Email Routing.

3. After selecting the domain from the drop down, email setting will appear. The current applied setting will be displayed bold.

4. Scroll down to bottom of the page and add Add New Record on MX Entry page.

Enter Priority of MX record, lower the number – higher the priority. Zero has the highest Priority. Enter Destination Domain to which you want to route your emails.

5. To edit or remove click Edit or Remove link in Actions corresponding to the MX entry that you want to edit or delete.

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