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Sync email folders after a move to the new email provider
Sync email folders after a move to the new email provider

A focus on Outlook

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After migrating an email service from one service provider to another it is common that you may run into an issue with the sent items not displaying completely in the newly configured mail client (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone/Android, etc.).

In this article we will look specifically at Outlook, however this issue can be resolved very similarly with any mail client. The best thing we can do here is configure the new email account in Outlook, while also keeping the old email account available to us in Outlook. The result will be 2 email addresses both in your Outlook where we can than drag and drop the emails from the old "Sent Items" folder into in the new "Sent Items" folder. The same procedure can be done across all folders, however this is particularly interesting for the "Sent Items" folder as sent items will not sync, while the other folders will, therefore this extra step is required if you are wanting to get your "Sent Items" in your new email account with your new provider.

Begin by configuring your new email account. Please follow the steps below:

Open Outlook and select File.

 Click Add Account.

Check Manually configure server settings or additional server types

Click Next

Select Internet E-mail

Click Next

Enter Your Name and E-mail Address
Choose IMAP as your account type
For Incoming mail server (IMAP) and Outgoing mail server (SMTP), enter the hostname provided to your in your welcome email.

Click More Settings

Select Outgoing Server and then My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication

Select Advanced.

For Incoming server (IMAP) enter 993 and select SSL.
For Outgoing server (SMTP) enter 465 and select SSL.

For Root folder path enter INBOX with uppercase letters.

Click OK

Click Finish

Copying (syncing) emails

Now that we have the new email account configured and the old email account still available to us we can easily sync up our folders. In the outlook interface along the left pane, you will be able to see "Sent Items" directories for both accounts.

Click on the "Sent Items"  directory in the old account,

Click on (or select all by using ctrl + A) the email you're wanting to sync and simply drag and drop it into the "Sent Items" directory of the new account. After your initial migration, if any other folders remain unsynced you can follow the same procedure. Once completed, you can remove the old email accounts from your mail software.

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