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Stop local Updraft backups
Stop local Updraft backups
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If you are using UpdraftPlus for backups and have it set to backup remotely this is a great idea but in a lot of cases we still see Updraft storing the backups locally which will consume your disk space.

In order to ensure the backups get removed from your hosting after the remote backup has completed please follow these steps.

Start by logging into your WordPress site.

Once there, however over the Settings menu and click UpdraftPlus Backups

Now click on the Settings tab at the top

Scroll down to Expert Settings and click the Show expert settings link

Scroll down a bit more and look for the option Delete local backup and check the box.

Now scroll to the bottom and click the Save Changes button.

This will now stop the backups from being stored locally after a remote backup has been completed.

Note: Checking this option will not remove current locally stored backups so make sure to go back to the Backup / Restore tab and make sure you remove any current ones.

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