1. Log into CloudFlare via https://www.cloudflare.com/a/login
2. On the Dashboard click the DNS option

3. From the drop down menu select CNAME

In this example, here are the 2 CNAME records provided by ClickFunnels:

Create a CNAME Record for "www.alpha.bigscoots.com" pointing to "target.clickfunnels.com"
Create a CNAME Record for "8I8IV5W1N4S5Z7WR2HIZ.bigscoots.com" pointing to "MZ96Z5AI5QQW2FV16RFA.comodoca.com"

4. In the Name field enter in www.alpha(this will be different for you). And the Domain Name field enter in target.clickfunnels.com 

You will notice I didn't include the domain name with www.alpha because CloudFlare automatically applies your domain to the end of any record.
5. Click Add Record and add the second CNAME record:

6. Click Add Record and you will now see:

Your done! Please allow normal propagation time for the records to update around the internet.

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