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Ezoic operates its own caching system, separate from your web hosting or Cloudflare cache at BigScoots. If changes to your website aren't immediately reflected, consider manually clearing the cache at Ezoic by following the instructions below.

Login to Ezoic

Head to and login to your Ezoic account.

Access Leap

Click "Leap" in the top-menu.

Access Caching

Click "Caching" on the left-hand side menu.

Scroll Down and Clear All

Ensure you scroll down, or you won't see it! At the bottom of the Clear Cache section click on the yellow "Clear All" button.


You aren't done yet, be sure to click the yellow "Ok" to clear the cache.

That's it, you've cleared the Ezoic cache for your website!

Please note that even after clearing the Ezoic cache, your local device cache may not have updated immediately. If you haven't observed the desired changes yet, we suggest checking your website with Incognito or Private mode in your browser.

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