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Ignored Marketing Query Params List — BigScoots Cache
Ignored Marketing Query Params List — BigScoots Cache

Take a look at the default list of marketing query params that are ignored by default

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At BigScoots, we always try to give our customers the best and fastest WordPress experience. But considering how complex the WordPress ecosystem is and how many moving parts are there, it becomes challenging to do so at scale.

We often see URLs with marketing query parameters hitting the server, eating the server resource to show the same content to everyone. A common example of this is UTM query parameters. Generally, the tracking of these marketing query parameters is done at the JavaScript level and not at the PHP level. So, this gives us a chance to improve our customers' website cacheability and cache HIT ratio by ignoring these marketing query parameters from the URL.

So, if a bunch of users visits: our system will simply ignore the utm_campaign query param and will check if the URL is already cached or not. If that URL is already cached the cached pages will be served to the user without modifying the request URL.

This process not only reduces the unnecessary load on the server due to multiple people flooding the site from some campaign but also the same server can now handle more real requests as these marketing query params will be ignored from the URL at the time of checking if the current URL is already cached or not.

Please note that this feature is only available to the users who are using our WordPress Speed Optimization or Maintenance services.

List of Marketing Query Params Ignored by Default

Here is the list of marketing query params that we ignore by default:

  • adt_ei

  • ref

  • utm_source

  • utm_medium

  • utm_campaign

  • utm_term

  • utm_content

  • utm_expid

  • fbclid

  • fb_action_ids

  • fb_action_types

  • fb_source

  • mc_cid

  • mc_eid

  • gclid

  • dclid

  • _ga

  • campaignid

  • adgroupid

  • _ke

  • cn-reloaded

  • age-verified

  • ao_noptimize

  • usqp

  • mkt_tok

  • epik

  • ck_subscriber_id

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this feature cause issues on my website?

For most websites, it won't cause any issues. All the above-mentioned query parameters are marketing parameters that are tracked by some JavaScript added by the tracking provider. So, even if the page is being served from the cache, the query param is still present in the URL and the tracking script can do its job.

But if your website is using some kind of PHP code to track the value of any of these above-mentioned marketing query params, then you might have issues as the pages will be served from cache and PHP won't be executed. In this case, you should consider disabling this feature for your website.

How do I turn off this feature for my website?

To disable this feature on your website, just log into the BigScoots WPO portal, and select your domain name to go to the site details page.

Then head over to the Cloudflare tab within which you will find the Enterprise Settings section. Inside this section, you will find an option under "Cache Settings" named "Ignore Marketing Query Params" which is toggled on by default.

Turn off this option and click on the "Save" button and this feature is turned off for your website.

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