This article explains how to take a backup or restore a backup using phpMyAdmin.

Backup MySQL Database

  1. Login to cPanel

  2. Under 'Databases' section select 'phpMyAdmin'

   3. Select the database you would like to backup from the left navigation.

   4. Click the Export tab.

   5. Choose the 'Quick' export method.

   6. Choose 'SQL' option and click 'Go'.
   7. The database dump will be downloaded to your local machine's default                          downloads location.

Restore MySQL database from a Dump

  1. Choose the database we want to restore from the left navigation.

  2. The phpMyAdmin script that restores the database does not drop the tables so click the 'Check All' check box.

   3. Select 'With selected:' drop down menu and choose 'Drop'.

   4. Click the 'Import' tab and browse for the database backup.

   5. Click Go.

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