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How to create Addon Domains in cPanel
How to create Addon Domains in cPanel

Adding additional domains into cPanel

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This article will guide you through the process of adding a new domain to your cPanel account. If you've recently registered a new domain, you need to log in to cPanel to add it before you can start using it.

Before we get into it, 2 things to clarify.

  1. Your addon domain will NOT appear in under the Shared or Reseller service, it will only appear in cPanel once added into cPanel into the Domains section.

    1. Example, if your new domain is you will NOT see it in this section, it will only show your primary domain.

2. You must update your new domains nameservers to point to BigScoots, unless you've           registered the domain with us directly.

Now onto adding the domain into cPanel.

  1. Please log into cPanel, if you are unsure please use Step 5 in this article.

  2. Scroll down to the Domains section and click the Domains icon.

  3. Click the blue 'Create a new Domain' button

  4. In the Domain field, fill in your new domain name.

  5. Now make sure to UNCHECK the "Share document root" box.

  6. Ignore all other fields and click Submit.

If you accidentally left the "Share document root" checked, don't panic, just click Manage next to the new domain then click the Remove Domain option and restart this process.

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