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WPO: Using Email Migration Tool

How to migrate your emails from old hosting using WPO email migration tool?

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If you are hosting your email with BigScoots now and you would like to migrate the emails from your previous host, this article will help you to get it done using the migration tool in WPO.


  1. Access WPO Email.

  2. Select your site address for which you wish to migrate emails.

  3. Click on the 'Add New Email' button to create a new email account. You will be asked for username and password. Make sure that the username is same as the old one.

  4. Once the email account is created, click the 'Migrate' button for the email you created.

  5. A form will appear asking for details such as old server hostname, old password and new password. In the 'new password' field, you have to put the password that you entered while creating email account in Step 3.

    If your old host has cPanel:

    You can find your old mail server hostname in cPanel by logging into cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Email Accounts >> Connect Devices >> Copy the Incoming Server under Secure SSL/TLS Settings.

    Some common mail server hostname where your email previously might be:



    SiteGround: >> Email (in left menu) >> Accounts >> You will find 'Email Configuration' on bottom right where the 'Incoming Server' is the hostname.

  6. Once the form is filled with appropriate details, please click the 'Start Migration' button which will show you 'green tick mark' if all the details entered are correct. You will be soon getting a WPO notification once the emails are migrated completely.

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