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Adding a DNS TXT record using cPanel
Adding a DNS TXT record using cPanel
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This article will walk you through adding a TXT record to your domains DNS.  In this example, we will be adding a TXT record to verify a domain that will be using Office 365 for email.

Office365 has supplied us with the following information to add the TXT record.

TXT name: @ or skip if not supported
TXT Value: MS=ms12345678
TTL: Default

1. Log into cPanel
2.  Click the Zone Editor icon within the Domains section.

3. Select Manage next to the domain you need to add the TXT record for.

4. Click the + Add Record dropdown and select Add TXT Record

5. Now we are greeted with several options that we have to fill.
First field Name we enter in our domain name.  You will notice the period after the domain, this is correct and should be there, it will prevent this name becoming a subdomain.
Second field TTL this can be left default, it will be autofilled.
Third field Class is non editable
Fourth field Type should already be TXT, please change it to TXT otherwise
Fifth field Record enter in what was provided by third party

6. Click Add Record

7. As always, DNS changes can take up to 24 - 48 hours to take effect however we normally see changes within a few minutes to a couple hours.

To try and speed up the process a bit, you can try flushing your computer's DNS cache.

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